Call For Paper

All submitted articles should report novel and unpublished research results on experimental or theoretical basis. Articles submitted to ICESC should fall under any one domain mentioned below and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.


Wireless Sensor Networks & Internet of Things

B5G/6G-aware Edge/Fog Networks

Power-Aware Networking

QoS and Green Computing

Green Data Centers and Communications Architectures

Smart Resource Management and Optimization

Low power Communication Technologies

Virtualization for Green Computing

Remote Sensing for Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability

Interoperability and Back Compatibility in Telecommunications

Mobile Computing Systems

Network Protocol and Congestion Control

Sustainable Urban Mobility

Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet-Enabled Infrastructures for Sustainability

QoS challenges in autonomous networks

Sustainable Design and Smart Cities

User-Centered Services and Systems


Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Micro & Nano-Electronics

Distributed Signal Technologies

Multimedia Systems & Control

MEMS & Sensor Technologies

Computer Architecture and Advanced VLSI

Networked-Driven Multicore Chips

3D Process and Integration Technologies

Wearable and Flexible Electronics

Industrial Process Control

Real-Time Systems

Advanced Fault Detection Techniques